Business Assistance Programs


Job Creation Incentive Grant Program

The Job Creation Incentive Grant Program offers incentives to eligible businesses that are establishing new operations or expanding existing operations in the city and creating new, full-time jobs. The Job Creation Program provides a grant to companies that is based upon a percentage of the annual payroll withholding taxes generated by the full time jobs that are new to the City of Beachwood.

Contact the Department of Development to find out more: 216-292-1914.

Business Retention Program

Through the City of Beachwood’s Business Retention Program, the Director of Economic Development, along with his staff, schedule meetings with existing businesses within the city. This consistent outreach program is intended to establish a dialogue with each business; determine what their individual needs may be; and respond in a timely fashion. The city strives to connect Beachwood businesses to available programs on the local, state, and federal levels.

To schedule a business visitation please contact William Griswold, Building Commissioner, 216-292-1914. 

Site Plan Assistance

For new construction, expansions to existing structures, exterior renovations, or landscaping projects please contact our Building Department: 216-292-1914.

Small Business Assistance Programs

Small businesses and entrepreneurs play an important role in Beachwood's economy. There are a number of resources that we have identified that are available to assist individuals and organizations create and grow thriving businesses. read more
Read about additional Small Business Assistance Programs