Business Clusters


Corporate Headquarters
Beachwood is home to notable corporate headquarters forming a distinct cluster in the city. Beachwood’s well-deserved reputation as a business-friendly community, with access to an highly educated workforce, makes Beachwood a perfect location.

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Commerce & Computer Services
The technology cluster continues to grow in Beachwood with a strong cross-cutting significance in software, finance, 3D - printing, informational technology and healthcare industries.

Medical Facility

Medical Biosciences & Healthcare Services
Beachwood is known throughout Northeast Ohio, as well as nationally, for its top-rated hospital facilities and life science R&D businesses. The availability of a highly-trained workforce and the proximity of world class research universities make Beachwood a perfect destination for this highly advanced cluster.

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Upscale Residential & Business Support Services
Having a Beachwood address is a real plus for any business. A Beachwood location offers access to exceptional class A and B office space in a "blue chip" business center. Rezoning areas for new growth and upscale residential projects enhances Beachwood's vision and success. These projects provide convenient and luxury living spaces for prospective workforces.

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Restaurant & Retail

Beachwood is a recognized leader in the retail, restaurant, and hotel industries. Beachwood is home to premier shopping, world class dining with several restaurants designated in Zagat’s Top 100 Restaurants in America and the Maltz Museum, one of northeast Ohio's foremost cultural museums.
Beachwood Commons

Senior Living Communities

Beachwood is home to a wide variety of facilities for all stages of senior living and attracts quality senior living communities including senior apartments, assisted living communities, skilled care facilities and specialized care centers. These concentrated business cluster serve this segment of the population. These specialized living centers have taken root in Beachwood due to its prime location and excellent city services, as well as close proximity to world class medical facilities and rehabilitation centers.