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Posted on: January 16, 2015

Beachwood Begins Celebration of City's Centennial


This year marks the City of Beachwood’s centennial and officials are busy planning a variety of community activities and tributes for the 100 year celebration.

For starters, the City will commemorate its namesake – beech trees – by having dozens of six foot fiberglass beech leaves painted in different and creative ways by artists. Corporations, organizations and individuals are purchasing or sponsoring the leaves and select local artists to paint and decorate them. The uniquely painted leaves will then be put on public display. (This tribute will be similar to public art displays such as “GuitarMania” that was staged in Cleveland, where large guitars were painted for different, sponsoring organizations and then placed for public viewing.)

The artists will complete their work by March.

Originally part of Warrensville Township, the Village of Beachwood became an independent community in 1915. Beachwood attained city status in 1960. The city was initially called Beechwood, but a clerical error was made during the City’s incorporation and the “e” was swapped for an “a”.

“We have much to be thankful for and much to be proud of in Beachwood,” said Mayor Merle S. Gorden. “There are so many excellent reasons to live here and to conduct business here. We have excellent schools, beautiful neighborhoods, superb municipal services, the region’s best shopping and much, much more.

“This year we can pause and reflect upon our history and our 100 year story. It will be something that all Beachwood residents can participate in and be proud of,” he added.

The City also intends to plant 100 beech trees throughout Beachwood, with the schools planting another 50. And in another artful and creative commemoration of the city’s 100th birthday, tree trunks along Fairmount Boulevard will be creatively wrapped and decorated with colorful yarns in the Fall. Street pole banners noting the centennial will be displayed in front of City Hall.

In addition, internationally-known artist Peter Max has agreed to return to Beachwood for a special art exhibit in October. Max is a pop culture icon who has done paintings for U.S. presidents. His work has been featured in art museums around the world.

These are just some of the activities that are planned for the Beachwood centennial celebration, which will be marked with events that will be held throughout much of 2015.

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