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Posted on: May 16, 2017

Mayor Gorden and Beachwood City Council to recognize two heroes that saved non-responsive child


Two good samaritans were honored at the May 15, 2017 Council Meeting. Dazhane West and Semoan Thomas received a proclamation for their efforts resuscitating and saving a one and half year old child, unconscious after suffering a seizure.

On Monday, April 14, Chris Mileti and Elizabeth Horn were driving home from dinner with their young daughter, Aubrey, when she started seizing. Aubrey has a history of mild febrile seizures, but this one was much more severe. They pulled over at Beachwood Place Mall as Aubrey was turning blue and beginning to foam at the mouth. They put Aubrey onto the sidewalk and frantically waived for help.

Semoan Thomas, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) of seven years, was walking out of the mall with her family as she heard screaming and arrived upon the scene. Seconds later, Dazhane West saw the family’s cry for help as she and her brother were driving to exit the mall. West is a practicing Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), serving as in-home help for seniors. She is also in her first year of nursing school at Akron University, and just passed a CPR course last semester.

“It was very scary to witness a young child in that condition,” said West. “The caretaker and survival instinct inside of me said - ‘I gotta help this child’. It was something I had to do.”

West performed chest compressions and breathing on the child as Thomas supported her head, checked for a pulse and listened for signs of breath.

“A mother myself, seeing a baby in that state hit me incredibly hard,” said Thomas. “My hand was on her chest when she began to cough and I screamed ‘she’s responsive!’. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such immense relief.”

For Aubrey’s parents, the experience is still tough to digest. They watched their baby stop breathing before their eyes.

“I’ve never been more terrified- there were seconds – which felt like hours -- that I thought my baby had died,” said Aubrey’s mother, Elizabeth. “These women are angels. They came to help complete strangers and they saved my baby’s life.”

Moments later police and emergency crews arrived. Aubrey was taken to the hospital for further evaluation and appears to be healing well.

“Our police officers were quick to identify these women as heroes in our community,” said Mayor Merle S. Gorden. “Thanks to their life-saving efforts, we avoided a potential tragedy. We are so glad baby Aubrey is doing well, and we are happy to honor these well deserving good samaritans.”

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