Business Clusters

Corporate Headquarters & Managing Offices

Eaton HeadquartersBeachwood is home to many notable corporate headquarters forming a distinct cluster in the city. Because of Beachwood’s desirable location characteristics and strength in educated talent the real estate and property management teams continue to make Beachwood Number 1 in “Business Savvy.”

Internet Commerce & Computer Services

Both these areas continue to grow and surpass other growth clusters in Beachwood with a strong cross-cutting significance in corporate, finance, insurance and healthcare industries.

Medical Bioscience and Healthcare Services

Medical Biosciences & Healthcare Services

Beachwood is known throughout the Northeast Ohio area as well as nationally for top-rated hospital facilities, biosciences, pharmaceuticals, and R&D biotech businesses. This is a highly advanced cluster that Beachwood provides an experienced workforce for.

Restaurant & Retail

Beachwood is a recognized leader in the retail, restaurant, and hotel industry with notably acclaims reaching Restaurantnational and international markets. Beachwood has been identified as a home to premier shopping, world class dining, and outstanding entertainment. Cleveland Magazine Rating of the Suburbs named Beachwood as the “Business Savvy” suburb in Cleveland, as well as numerous awards from Zagat’s Top 100 Restaurants in America and more.

Business Support Services

Beachwood’s office administrative services, consulting, and entrepreneurism are just a few of the clusters that continue to display growth in today’s economy.