Chagrin Blvd. Safety Presentation

On March 13, 2019, there was a public meeting at City Hall to provide information to residents and business about the proposed project to improve traffic and safety conditions in the area of Richmond Road/Chagrin Blvd. up to and through the I-271 interchange. 

The March 13 presentation was an abbreviated version of what was presented to City Council on February 11, 2019. The full presentation is available here.

Although this project would not be constructed for several years, in order to qualify for ODOT funding, this project must be approved by City Council and forwarded to the State of Ohio prior to April 20, 2019. 

City Council will discuss this project in a public Committee of the Whole meeting at City Hall on March 18, 2019, with the possibility of it appearing on the City Council meeting agenda for April 1, 2019.