Law Department Year in Review

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Summary of Law Department Functions

The Law Department of the City of Beachwood is comprised of the Law Director, Assistant Law Director/Prosecutor, Clerk of Council and Law Clerks.  The Law Department, under the direction of the City’s Law Director, functions as the attorney for the City and its officials by providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council and all of the various departments. The Law Department reviews legislation, contracts and all legal documents to ensure the business of the City is conducted in a proper and legal manner, and represents the City in all proceedings before any court of law or administrative body.

While criminal/traffic cases are initiated by the Police Department, the Prosecutor pursues prosecution on behalf of the City of Beachwood.  The Prosecutor also provides legal opinions, advice and support to the Police Department.

In addition, the Law Department performs those duties defined and required by the City Charter as well as those specified by the Ohio Revised Code.

Law Department Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works with the Mayor, City Council and the Administration to ensure enforcement of the Codified Ordinances and Charter of the City of Beachwood
  • Prepares and reviews ordinances and resolutions for passage by City Council
  • Attends Council, Planning Commission, Civil Service Commission, Tax Board of Review, Records Commission and other miscellaneous meetings as requested
  • Provides legal opinions and advice to Council, the Mayor, and the Administration
  • Supports the Police Department as legal adviser on all matters pertaining to law enforcement
  • Prosecutes all criminal and traffic matters on behalf of the City
  • Provides legal representation on behalf of the City on litigation matters before the Municipal, Common Pleas, Appellate Courts, and various administrative agencies
  • Prepares and reviews all contracts for necessary services and supplies, cooperative agreements, lease agreements, real estate matters, and other miscellaneous contracts involving the City
  • Provides recommendations to City Council for updates and modifications of the City’s Codified Ordinances
  • Works with the Human Resources Department concerning personnel issues
  • Assists the City’s Building Department on land use issues including inspections, code violations, and other property concerns
  • Represents the City in labor disputes including grievances, unfair labor practices, mediations, and hearings
  • Provides guidance to residents on legal concerns involving the City
  • Assists the City in collective bargaining unit recognition and in negotiating union contracts
  • Provides City officials and employees with legal updates on matters of importance