What is the city’s deer management program?

Trained marksmen, under the direction of the City of Beachwood Police Department, conduct sharpshooting on public lands and on private property when allowed by property owners and where deer can be harvested safely and humanely. The marksmen receive additional training in the Cleveland Metroparks to simulate the environment in which they will be working. “Do Not Enter – Deer Management Area” signs where deer management operations occur and radio contact with Beachwood officers on patrol prevent citizens from wandering into the operational area. In the event of an unauthorized entry into the area, no shots are fired and individuals are asked to leave. Culled deer are transported to a processor for dressing and preparation for donation to a local food bank.

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1. What is the city’s deer management program?
2. Why is the city culling deer?
3. What is done with the culled deer?
4. Can the city use nonlethal methods to manage the deer population?
5. Why can't we just plant unpalatable landscaping plantings or use repellents to deter the deer?
6. How can I protect my garden from the deer?