How can I protect my garden from the deer?
  • Deer look for easy sources of food. To protect your garden, the Division of Wildlife suggests that you install a 3-4 foot barrier (vinyl, hardware cloth, etc.) with the first foot of the barrier underground to keep small critters out like raccoons, skunks, and groundhogs. On the corners of the garden, install posts that reach seven feet off the ground. Then run a single wire around the garden 7 feet off the ground. Periodically hang ribbon (or better yet aluminum pie pans to scare off the birds) to act as a visual deterrent to the deer. Deer have bad depth perception and they will not jump between the hard fence and the top wire.
  • Various sprays deter deer from eating plants. Cayenne pepper can also be used by spraying plants with water and then generously dusting them with the pepper. The hotter you make the plant, the less likely the deer will eat it.
  • Choose plants that tend to be less palatable. Keep in mind that if a deer is hungry enough, there is no plant that it “will never eat.”

If the techniques mentioned above are not working, contact the Division of Wildlife at 330-644-2293. Oftentimes, they can identify the reason over the phone as to why the technique is not working and can give site-specific advice to further help alleviate the deer problems on your property 

For additional information, visit the Ohio Division of Wildlife website.

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