Municipal Income Taxes

Real Estate Taxes: Sewer-Maintenance Assessment 

All City of Beachwood Property Parcel owners received their second-half 2020 real estate tax bill the weekend of June 26, 2021.  All City of Beachwood parcels are charged a special assessment by the County Sanitary Engineer for sewer maintenance (C100030C-SEWER MAINTENANCE).

Our City Audit Director confirmed with the County that they erroneously didn’t charge the C100030C sewer maintenance assessment on the first-half bill.  They subsequently corrected this charge on the second-half bill without explaining the correction.  If you paid your property tax in full during the first half, you would be billed for the full sewer assessment in the second-half bill because it wasn’t recorded on the first bill. On all bills it would be shown on your bill as, “First Half Unpaid Tax."  

If you have any further questions, please call the County Sanitary Engineer at 216-443-8242.


Beachwood taxes are administered by the Regional Income Tax Agency  (RITA). The current income tax rate is 2.0%. Questions about income taxes should be directed to RITA at 800-860-7482.

RITA is no longer sending tax packets to individual cities - forms will no longer be available at City Hall.  

Tax payers may:


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