Beachwood City Schools

Beachwood City Schools

Beachwood City Schools have rated excellent or better by the Ohio Department of Education consecutively, and is one of Ohio’s finest school districts. Our mission statement drives all of our efforts as educators:

  • To develop intellectual entrepreneurs with a social conscience we believe that we must develop adults who are seekers of knowledge, creative, flexible, and reflective, in other words, with an intellectual capacity.
The opportunities available to our students outside of the traditional classroom distinguish the academic experience in Beachwood. Our students learn to be globally responsible, altruistic, and environmentally, culturally, and politically sensitive.

Our impressive array of course offerings, quality programs, and extracurricular activities match those of much larger public schools. At the same time, Beachwood’s relatively small size ensures we can offer educational opportunities to meet the needs of each student. Discover more reasons why our schools are often compared to the finest private schools in the area.

Additional Information

A bond issue passed in 2010, provided most of the funding for a $35.6 million upgrade to Beachwood High School.
Beachwood Schools