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Trailhead BioSystems: In Commerce Park, a process of laboratory and facility fit out will now commence operations with the new Headquarters and Operations building for Trailhead Biosystems Inc. The company has developed revolutionary platform for generating specialized human cells for use in therapeutic cell development, drug discovery, organ-on-a-chip development, 3D organ printing, and human disease modeling. They will bring operations to Beachwood along with 59 employees and an associated payroll of $4.8 million.  

Trailhead Biosystems

GE Current: On Science Park Drive, GE Current under the name Current Lighting Solutions, will bring operations to 25825 Science Park in Beachwood. They are expected to bring 115 employees to Beachwood with an associated payroll of $14.5 million. Current is a versatile, customer-driven lighting solutions company serving businesses and partners around the globe. With the industry’s widest selection of advanced lighting and intelligent controls, they create safer, efficient, inspired environments powered by smart, sustainable technologies.

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