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Police Services Survey

  1. Please indicate your relationship to the city:
  2. Please indicate your sex:
  3. Please indicate your age:
  4. Describe your recent contact with the Beachwood Police Department:
  5. If you were the victim or witness of a crime, were you provided with information on outside resources?
      1. Did your experience with the Beachwood Police Department meet your expectations?
          1. Is there anything additional you believe the Beachwood Police Department could have done to have better met your needs?
              1. How would you rate the Beachwood Police Department on each of the following based on an experience with the department or your perception of the department?
              2. Attitude
              3. Competence / Professionalism
              4. Courtesy
              5. Overall, how well do you feel the Beachwood Police Department does in providing services to the community?
              6. How safe do you feel in Beachwood?
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