Fire Pits & Chimineas

In the past few years outdoor fireplaces commonly known as fire pits/chimineas have become very popular in the United States. Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or chimineas have some very important characteristics that make them fall into the outdoor fireplace category. Listed below are some characteristics that must be present to allow these devices to be considered an outdoor fireplace.

  1. Constructed of clay, cast iron or cast aluminum.
  2. Must have a chimney, screen or top for spark arresting safety.
  3. Shall be listed for use as outdoor fire place, fire pit, or chiminea.
  4. Elevated off the ground with feet or pedestal.

The State of Ohio fire code allows these devices as long as safety is the Number 1 priority. When using these devices, here are a couple of safety tips that shall be followed; if not it can result in an unsafe condition or the fire to be extinguished by local authorities.

  1. Have a fire extinguisher or water source readily available to extinguish the fire. (Beachwood Codified Ordinance 660.08.(E).4 / Ohio Fire Code 307.5)
  2. All recreational fires in approved containers must be a minimum of 15ft from any structure. (Beachwood Codified Ordinance 660.08.(E).3 / Ohio Fire Code 307.5)
  3. Do NOT burn treated wood, pellets, or charcoal (and of course, never burn toxic materials) (Beachwood Codified Ordinance 660.08.(E).6)
  4. Place the fireplace/chiminea in a spot that is clear of hanging trees, branches, brushes, or anything else that is flammable.
  5. Position the chiminea on a flat and fireproof surface (rock, concrete, bricks)
  6. Never leave the fire unattended. Also make sure it is completely extinguished before going in for the night. (Beachwood Codified Ordinance 660.08.(E).4 / Ohio Fire Code 307.5)
  7. Do NOT use lighter fluid or gasoline. Use fire starters!

The City of Beachwood Fire Prevention Bureau does not encourage the use of outdoor fireplaces/chimineas for safety reasons. The Fire Prevention Bureau would also like to remind you that the Beachwood Codified Ordinance and the Ohio Fire Code reserves the right for these fires to be extinguished anytime a complaint is received for conditions that are offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor emissions or conditions that warrant it due to safety. (BCO 1503.10 / OFC 307.1.1)