City Park West & East

About City Park West & East

Beachwood City Park West includes 1.6 miles of 8-foot wide multi-purpose trails allowing for bicycling, walking, running, and skating. The park also features 6-foot wide gravel trails for hiking, a sledding hill, two parking areas with 18 parking spaces each, and an open-air shelter with room for 40 to 50 people, including a unisex bathroom and a drinking fountain. The pavilion is first come, first serve. Reservations are not accepted. 

A wooden staircase provides access from the upper level near the 70-foot slope sledding hill to the lower central area of the park, adjacent to the gravel trails. Wood boardwalks cross wet areas along the trail and pedestrian entry points into the park are located at Richmond Road with new minor entry points across from Sulgrave Road on both East and West Shaker Boulevard. The trails are beautifully screened from surrounding neighborhoods and home to local wildlife.

Beachwood City Park East is highlighted by a state-of-the-art outdoor Fitness Park, a mile of paved trails, benches, and a parking area located on Shaker Boulevard. It is also know as the home of Barkwood Dog Park, the only 100% synthetic turf dog park in Ohio.

Field Guide

Learn more about the beautiful birds that live in our Beachwood City Parks in the provided field guide (PDF).

  1. Park Rules
  2. Sledding Rules

City Park Rules

  • Alcoholic beverages and drug use are prohibited.
  • Bike helmets are required for anyone under age 16.
  • Cutting, picking, or destruction of plant life or property is prohibited.
  • In an emergency, call 9-1-1.
  • No littering or dumping.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on trails.
  • Park hours are from sunrise to sunset.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way on trails.
  • Pets must be on a leash while in the park.
  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Picnic shelter is for the community and is to be shared.
  • Share the trail courteously. Stay on existing designated trails.