Stop Work Orders

Building Without a Permit
If you start construction without the required permit(s), an inspector will immediately issue a Stop Work Order. You will be required to apply for the permit(s) and pay additional fees (twice the amount of the original fee). After the permit has been issued you will then be required to uncover any work that has been covered so that it may be inspected prior to the release of the Stop Work Order. In some cases, regulations or codes may not permit the type of construction that has been done. In this case, you may be required to replace or restore the area to its original condition prior to your construction.

(g) A permit shall be obtained from the Building Commissioner for all items listed in this chapter. No work may commence unless the proper permit listed in this chapter is first obtained by the owner of a property or his or her authorized agent. (Ord. 1988-158. Passed 12-5-88.)