Residential Lock Boxes

The Beachwood Fire Department is excited to announce the implementation of a residential lock box program for Beachwood residents. This program is designed to give our Firefighters & Paramedics faster access to our senior and handicapped residents who might experience an emergency in their home where they are unable to unlock the door. The lock box reduces the risk of property damage that could be incurred by first responders forcing entry into the home to get to the emergency situation. More importantly, it saves precious minutes in a medical emergency that would otherwise be wasted attempting to gain access to an immobile patient in a locked home.

What is a lock box?

A lockbox is a small, secure metal box which is installed on a resident’s door, or close to the door, and contains a key to the home. The box is locked by a unique key that can only be accessed by the Beachwood Fire Department. The boxes are very safe and durable. These boxes will only be accessed by our emergency personnel in the event of an emergency; at no other time will this box be accessed by anyone.

How does the program work?

Any resident that is interested in obtaining a lock box should contact the Beachwood Fire Department at 216-292-1965. There is an application as well as a release form, which are accessible below, that will need to be filled out and signed by the homeowner. The homeowner will need to bring a key with them when picking up the lock box.

How much does the lock box cost?

The lock boxes can be purchased for $30 payable by cash or check.